These are quotes.

(Examining evergreen) 'What a nice tree!'

(Examining lumpy evergreen) 'Looks weird...'

(Examining Birchnut tree) 'I don't trust it!'

(Examining Pigmen) 'Pigs!?'

(Examining Bunnymen) 'LE GASP! BUNNIES!'

(Examining wormhole) 'Mysterious hole... I SHOULD JUMP IN!'

(Examining Rabbit hole) 'Looks like there are more bunnies in there!'

(Examining Rabbit) 'BUNNY! YUSSSS!'

(Examining Treeguard) 'DON'T HURT ME GIANT TREE!'

(Examining any of the bosses from Reign of Giants) 'That thing is huge!'

(Examining a skeleton) 'I hope that guy's okay!'

(Examining any clockwork thinger) 'I should avoid that...'

(In battle) 'GET OUT!'

(When attacked by a regular monster) 'OW! YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!'

(When attacked by Charlie) 'Ow! What was that?'

(When examining Chester) 'I'm calling you Chalder!'

(When examining a Hound) 'I don't really like dogs...'

(When examining Maxwell) 'Oh, hey it's that one guy!'

(When examining a boulder) 'Woah. I should hit that a lot.'

(When examining a spider nest thing) 'Umm... I really hate spiders...'

(When examining a torch) 'Can I be a pyromaniac now?'

(When examining a twig) 'It's a baby tree arm!'

(When examining a spider) 'SPIDERS!'

(When examining a spear) 'A better, pointier stick!'

(When examining a beefalo) 'Helleefalo beefalo!'

(When examining a bee) 'I don't like bees too much...'

(When examining a burning fire pit) 'FIRE! WOO!'

(When examining an empty fire pit) 'No use when it isn't on fire...'

(When examining a huge fire) 'That is... a bit too firey...'That's all I can think to have so yeah.