Jumanji is a magical and very dangers world that exist in side a bored game its extremally dangerus and no one has ever survide intill alien any way. after hims victory jumanji was destroyed the bord game any way. now with no way to get fresh victems jumanji fell into ruins intill the living conshesness that governed it was seemingly no more. that's when he arrived(Maxwell) and claimed what was left for his own perpess.

over veiwEdit

jumanji is an encheted jung with many horidle monsters and a seeming conshisnice. it has many horrible animals and weired people. it exist on a plane of existens unnow to secinces. they main tride are the Manji and the main enemy is van pelt. theres also slick whos out for him self J.H. "Trader" Slick who is always using any unwanted intruders for him experments.

characters from jamanjiEdit

J.H. "Trader" Slick - The wicked merchant of Jumanji, who sells items to anyone who can meet the terms of his transactions, and has been known to sell simple tools to rare and powerful artifacts to a vast clientele. thaw his products where once rather unrelibul Maxwell had a little tolk with him now all mechandice is 100% garentyed.

Manji's- where a tribe native to Jumanji but Maxwell wanted to see how they would interact with his gest. so he barowed them. they come in tree tipes worrie chief and shamin