Lee is a (not real) hidden character in the Reign of Giants DLC. He'a unlocked by Wendy summoning Abigail and her killing Moose/Goose. Doing this will alert you saying "Good job! You now have unlocked a secret character. Go see him!" Lee has very high sanity, & average health and hunger. However, Lee needs very little sanity- boosting items, due to him owning a maximum of literally 325 sanity. However, he needs to be more careful for health & hunger, due to him having a maximum of 150 health, & 90 hunger.

Special Power Edit

Sanity Boost Edit

Lee starts with one item, the Sanity Booster! It's a canister of hot chocolate and has a durability for 43 uses. It boosts his maximum sanity to 350 for 4.5 days. You can NOT drink more than one within the range of 4.5 days. It cannot be crafted.

Basic Weapons Edit

After Lee has been around for 6 days, Lee "learns" to make basic items into weapons. For sticks, they do 1 damage, & have a durability of 4 uses. While rocks, they do 6 damage, & have unlimited durability. That's it.