these are the veruse songs lunar can sing they cost slite hunger. preforming takes energy.


animal friend song

lunar sings a long so sweet all animals want to be her friend.

all on screen animals become temporay fallowers help with farming or fighting.

bird call

a song so sweet then the sweets song bird they come from all over to hear it.

atracks 40 to 60 birds of randon tipe. makes then vunerabul but the run has soon has she starts attacking.

sulut to natur

is been recorded plates grow beter with music

instantly grow crops in farm.

monster mash

a song about monsters being monsters

all monster go into a mod frensing acting eachother good for calecting loot but becarful not to get cot up in the vilents

I'm alsome

luna sings her own prayes to cheer her self up

restors sainty

this is the end

a song about the end of all live

every living thing on the map go's at it intill thers nothing leaft good for getting loot but rise a lout of notyness so expect the Krampus


lunar screams her lungs out

cause bamage to ever thing on screan but drups a lot of sainty.

help me

a scared lunar calls for help.

lunar somones her own personal body guards to help her fight they randomly appear in grops of five and 15 there weak but make good buffer can only be used agients boss