The Markimod Collab Team was created in October of 2014 by Fidooop and his friends when they realised they had enough help on the Markiplier mod to call it a collaboration!

The Markimod Collab Team is currently working on the Markiplier and Markiplier Expansion Pack Don't Starve Mods!

There are currently over 20 members of the Collab Team featuring many great artists and programmers and they even have their own Steam group!

Here's a complete list of all current contributors and what they've helped out with:

  • Fidooop - Lead Programmer
  • Mr. Tiddles - Artist
  • Seronis - Programmer
  • Debugman - Programmer
  • Slendy - Coordination/Organizing
  • The Letter W - Artist
  • Valka - Artist
  • Vivalavie - Artist
  • Lawrence Caustic Sorrow - Programmer
  • Artintel - Programmer
  • 1337gamer15 - Artist
  • simplex - Minor help with an animation bug
  • Boss - Artist
  • Mister L - Quotes writer
  • Dryicefox - Artist
  • 1daBread - Artist
  • Erik Debawse - Artist/Sounds
  • Monodes - Artist
  • Riley - Artist
  • Pyro - Artist
  • yoru_kage - Artist
  • The Silent Dapper Darkness - Quotes writer

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