Pirat Captains are enemies added into the Animalistic Arrival update.

A Pirat Captain


The Pirat Captain dresses nothing like a captain. He wears a red shirt with white stripes, similar to Wolfgang, that has torn sleeves. He wears brown pants that are torn by the legs, looking like shorts. He has squinty eyes and he wears a sailor hat instead of a bandana. When in battle, he holds a scimitar. Unlike other Pirats, he has more of a scaly tail.


A single Pirat Captain spawns from Pirat Ships. When neutral, they just wander around, sometimes following a random Pirat. However, once made hostile by being attacked, he will point at his attacker while making a low-pitched "arr" and will take out his scimitar. When he is killed, the Pirats onscreen run inside the Pirat Ship and stay there until the Pirat Captain spawns back, which is two days.

Attacking him will make every Pirat onscreen run at you and attack you.

While Pirats Captains have no long-range weapons and are quite slow, along with having a bit more health than a Pig, they hit hard. His scimitar can do up to 90 damage. They also kite, though it's easy to catch up to them when they're kiting, as they run pretty slow.

You can trade gold for other objects to a Pirat Captain. What he gives you is up to what you buy, but what he sells is randomized every time a new Pirat Captain spawns. He'll sell you objects in a 9-space inventory. If attacked, he won't be able to sell anything to you unless he is killed and a new Pirat Captan spawns back. When killed, he drops any gold you trade to him.


  • He has a different attacking animation than Pigs and Merms.
  • Pirat Captains may actually be mice, while the Pirats are rats. This can be seen by his scaly mouse-like tail.
  • Sometimes, he will randomly attack you, even if you don't make him hostile.
    • However, it may be because of a hostile monster attacking him.
  • Much like Pirats, he will instantly attack you if you play as Washy.