Shock-Drydra is a boss added in the Animalistic Arrival update.



The Shock-Drydra has two heads. One is the "Shock" head, which is purple. It has a light blue crest and a blue, fork-like tongue. While alive, its mouth has a blue glow in it and has red pupils. The red head is the "Dry" head. It has two horns on the side of its head, and one on the tip of its nose. It has a flat tongue, which is scarlet. When alive, it has an orange glow in its mouth and has purple pupils.


  • HP:
    • Shock Head: 1,000
    • Dry Head: 800
  • Damage:
    • Shock Spray: 15/sec, stun locks living things
    • Lava Blast: 25/sec, burns objects, creates a temporary lava pool
    • Chomp: 50, eats small monsters
    • Headbutt: 80, knocks monsters back
  • Attack Rate:
    • 4
    • 6


You can summon it by mining the Mysterious Plugged Sinkhole, where it will spawn where the sinkhole would be. The Shock-Drydra can use different attacks depending on where you are. However, the Shock-Drydra can't move.

The Shock head will eat any small animals (rabbits, birds, Moleworms, etc.) in its vicinity, which heals it by 50 health. Before it attacks the player, it will stun them with the Shock Spray, then Chomp them until they run away, where it will still attempt to use its ranged Shock Spray.

The Dry head will Headbutt you first, then create a lava pool to hurt you. The lava pool remains for 3 seconds. It is very devastating when it uses its lava blasts. It will always Headbutt first, no matter what the monster it's attacking is.

In order to defeat it, you have to defeat both heads. Defeating one head just makes that head attack slower. The Shock head can revive itself by eating an animal if it's the first head that's killed.