Termants are neutral mobs added into the Animalistic Arrival update.

A Termant


Termants are purple ant-termite hybrids. They have darker purple pincers and have black antennae, arms and legs. They have wings, which is the only termite part of them.


Normally, Termants are neutral mobs who wander around their village that spawn in caves. However, attacking them leads to the whole colony attacking you. As this happens, waves of Termants emerge from little wooden huts in the village.

Termants that are made aggressive are aggressive until you kill them. However, they can be made to follow you using logs or twigs. It takes 4 twigs, 2 logs and 1 Living Log. Termants will occasionally go to the surface from a sinkhole to collect trees. They can cause forest destruction if not stopped. They also eat the wood they leave behind, which makes them even worse.

Termants are natural enemies of Giant Anteaters. As both spawn in caves, they encounter each other quite a lot. Their wars cause their villages to often be destroyed, as the Termants usually aren't strong enough to overpower the Giant Anteater, a boss. In any case they do defeat a Giant Anteater, they will be hostile to anything that comes near the village, even though you can usually enter their villages.


  • Termant is a pun on "termite" and "ant".
    • Much like termites, they enjoy eating wood and have wings.
  • If they're killed by Giant Anteaters and the Termant Queen remains, she'll produce an endless amount of hostile larvae.