The Termant Queen is a creature added into the Animalistic Arrival update.

Termant Queen from a front view


The Termant Queen has the same color as Termants. However, she wears a yellow crown on her head. She holds a staff with a yellow gem at the end. Her abdomen is giant, being the termite half of her.


She mostly does nothing, just sitting on a dirt mound, supposedly her throne. However, once someone attacks a Termant, she will spawn an endless wave of larvae. As she is unable to move, she is often in great danger. Unlike the Pig King, she can be killed. However, the more Termant Huts you destroy, the faster she produces larvae. Once you defeat the Termant Queen, the Termants remaining dig into the ground and dig away.


  • She is able to be fed wood. However, she won't give you anything.
  • For unknown reasons, the Giant Anteater doesn't attack her.
    • However, other mobs like Spitters and Depth Worms attack her.
  • The Termant Queen originally had wings.