Vern -Don't Starve Style-

Vern, The Wayward Archangel.

Vern is a fanmade character, present in other universes than Don't Starve. In the Don't Starve universe, the archangel arrived in the world it takes place at, getting caught in a trap that Wilson set. He and Wilson soon became close, helping each other to survive as he nursed the sickly Wilson back to health. There are many AUs where he meets Wilson or Maxwell under different circumstances.


He was in several abusive relationships in the past.

As an Archangel, he mates for life, but he can have at least two mates at once, as exampled in one AU with him, Wilson and Maxwell.

If Gabriel sees fit, Vern can give a human a potion to turn them into an angel.

He is a skilled cook.



Wilson met Vern when he caught him in a trap on accident, and the two became survival companions soon after. Wilson fell ill that same night, and Vern had to nurse him back to health, a bond growing between them as Wilson regained his strength. The two lived together, eventually building a small house to stay in, before the final confrontation with Maxwell began. When all seemed lost for the angel, Wilson charged in to help him, and soon the demon was vanquished. The two married soon after they returned to the "real world", and Wilson is now researching how they could create a biological child.


Maxwell was a lonely demon, not malevolent, but people were scared of him anyway. He was searching for a mate, but nobody wanted to mate with a demon. Soon he met Vern, who was upset over not being able to find a mate himself. After the demon consoled the sweet angel, the two soon realized they wanted to be each other's mates. Maxwell took Vern to his home and they mated. They now live together in Maxwell's mansion, happily mated.