His nickname is "the Motörized Scarecrow". He resembles the deceased ex-guitarist of Motörhead who went by the same name, but a scarecrow version, with a burlap sack for a head and straw for hair, and is voiced by a Gibson Les Paul guitar. His moto is "Where am I? Is there booze?" His perk is that he can eat grass, twigs, and reeds (on account of him being a scarecrow), but his disadvantage is that crows are hostile to him.


Once a long time age a man, one of Maxwell's many "guests", was so alone and scared he created a friend mad of straw. Every day has his sainty drop lower and lower. The scarecrow seemed to come more and more alive until one day he spoke and asked for Nightmare Fuel which considering his low sainty was everywhere so he fed it and fed it until it was strong enouth and alive enough to walk and talk on its own. The man had finally brought his creation to life and with that he died. His broken sanity and withered body finally gave out and as he fell a sort of odd foul of will seemed to draw his soul out and into his creation giving in a true life. Now he wandered through the world of Don't Starve in hope of one day killing Maxwell and avenging his father.

Perks and ConEdit

Being a scarecrow he can eat grass and twigs so starving isn't really an issue.

The carnivorous animals like hounds, spiders and tentacles will ignore him because he has no meat.

But he is extra vunerable to fire and all crows are his enemies.

Würzel is kinda frail but has high sainty.