Here is a list of quotes by Washy:

Interaction With ResourcesEdit


  • Evergreen: A leafy palm tree.
  • Lumpy Evergreen: Me favorite color.
  • Birchnut: I used to eat its seeds on the island.
  • Burning Tree: Hey, I was gonna burn it!
  • Burnt Tree: Feels like charcoal.
  • Cut Tree: Aye. A tree's end.


  • Boulder: I know I can fit in my pocket.
  • Flint Boulder: It be filled to the brim with gold.
  • Plugged Sinkhole: Please be a giant cove underneath...
  • Stalagmite: Tis is sharp, like me hook.
  • Glacier: Like on the island.


  • Grass: I should cut them with me hook.
  • Picked Grass: Wonder what I can do with landweed.
  • Berry Bush: I'll eat them, even if they are poisonous.
  • Bush: Tis be broken hopes and dreams for berry pickers.
  • Sapling: Small trees, ripe for the picking.
  • Dead Sapling: It better grow back.


  • Pond: I remember hearing a story of a giant reptile in this pond.
  • Flower: I wish it be prettier.


  • Rabbit Hole: The rabbit kingdom will attack soon.
  • Collapsed Rabbit Hole: The end of the rabbit kingdom.
  • Burrow: Aye! There be gold inside!
  • Hollowed Stump: It's a shame Whiskers lives in a stump.
  • Pig House: They should be living on a farm.
  • Abandoned House: Best be careful of cannibals.
  • Rabbit Hutch: It not be edible.
  • Hound Mound: Bones and bones, leading to your doom.
  • Spider Den: I'll make a silk-smooth coat soon enough.
  • Bee Hive: I can't wait to have sweet honey.
  • Spilagmite: It be too small for spiders.
  • Slurtle Mound: It's escargot central here.
  • Splumonkey Pod: Tis be the tribesmen's home.
  • Pirat Ship: I'm gonna sink ye again if I have to!



  • Rabbit: Rabbit stew, perhaps?
  • Redbird: What beautiful, costly avians.
  • Snowbird: I'll slice you up and feast on your remains.
  • Crow: I should kill ye now, save the world the trouble.
  • Butterfly: Where do they go every winter?
  • Glommer: What's that terrifying creature?
  • Gobbler: Like the birds we keep on our ship.
  • Mandrake: Mandrake stew tastes terrible.
  • Raised Dirt: Ye better not go near me treasure!
  • Moleworm: Is it a mole or an eel?
  • Chester: Who could've created such a great treasure chest?


  • Pig: Oink.
  • Bunnymen: Perhaps a giant rabbit stew?
  • Beefalo: Lots of fur I could pillage.
  • Volt Goat: I'd like to dine on antelope...
  • Catcoon: Whiskers! I found you!
  • Slurtle: A true definition of land shark.
  • Bee: To BEE a pirate...
  • Koalefant: I-I don't even know.
  • Pengull: I remember seein' you on the island.
  • Rock Lobster: Ye be a terrible delicacy.
  • Splumonkey: Tis be the tribesmen of these caves.
  • Krampus: Aye! Don't be stealing me treasure!
  • Pirat: Ye again?! I thought I sunk your ship in '76!
  • Pirat Captain: We meet again, scurvy sea dog.
  • Pork: Peaceful creatures. I hate peace.
  • Termant: This world ceases to scare me.
  • Termant Queen: I will end your monarchy soon enough.
  • Larva: How cute.
  • Grizzly Bear (made neutral): I calmed the beast.


  • Spider: Aye, stupid hairy crabs...
  • Spider Warrior: The captain's right-hand men.
  • Hound: Go away, dogs!
  • Red Hound: Why do they come in red?
  • Blue Hound: Blue, like me heart.
  • Frog: Kermit's me favorite frog.
  • Mosquito: On the high seas, they were smaller.
  • Ghost: Just like that ghost ship I found.
  • Tentacle: I've seen bigger.
  • MacTusk: Just so we be clear, ye be a walrus, yes?
  • Wee MacTusk: The younger sibling.
  • Clockwork Bishop: Go away, robot priest!
  • Clockwork Knight: Neigh.
  • Clockwork Rook: That be one big castle.
  • Tallbird: Where did this come from?
  • Merm: Aye! Just from me favorite book!
  • Lureplant: What the heck is this?
  • Eyeplant: How are they living?
  • Cave Spider: It's like a turtle, but a spider.
  • Spitter: Why not leap?
  • Dangling Depth Dweller: Surprise attack!
  • Tentapillar: That be the biggest I've seen.
  • Baby Tentacle: Is that it?
  • Varg: That be one big dog.
  • Poison Birchnut Tree: A living tree? That be weird.
  • Grizzly Bear (aggressive): I don't have me bear mace.


  • Bearger: I'm sorry for tossin' ye off me ship!
  • M/Goose: The Mega Gull, perhaps?
  • Mosling: They look nothin' like the mother.
  • Deerclops: Ye be a cold-hearted scallywag.
  • Dragonfly: It be a flyin' sea monster!
  • Tree Guardian: I be sorry for breakin' those trees.
  • Poisonous Birch Tree: I be using ye wood for me ship!
  • Spider Queen: Is it the captain of the spiders?
  • Ancient Guardian: Aye! We meet again!
  • Shock-Drydra: A two-headed sea monster!
  • Giant Anteater: One big anteater.

Basic QuotesEdit

  • When engaged in battle: Ye be facing a watery grave!
  • When hungry: A pirate like me, hungry.
  • When eating a health-reducing food: I think I have scurvy.
  • When in darkness: I need me lantern.
  • When Charlie is attacking: Fight me like a man!
  • When Charlie hits him: Me back!