His nickname is "the Slender Man" and is visually the same as the Slender man. Y'know, sharp suit, no face, tentacles, that sorta thing. Anyways his perks include being able to teleport (by clicking the area you want to go to) and being able to eat nightmare fuel for sustenance, healing both health and hunger, but a disadvantage is that his sanity is lowered to 160, and pigs and bunnymen requre two food items to gain their trust


once there were to grate malavilent powers Maxwell and the slender men and one they this two came to a powerful to blows when they both showed intrest in the same victim Wilson the battle was furies but Maxwell had an ace up his sleev Charlie she surprised the two during there little party and drags the slender men to the dark part of maxwells world. what happen next we will never now nut in the wake of the destruction rouse windigo. now he marches throw this world with one thing on his mind find charli.

perks and consEdit

he can telipory instantanuly making him the fast ever carater and a master of it and run attacks with ranged weapons like darts or fire stave.

he can eat nightmare fuel for both sainty and substins

Charlie will never attack him regardless of light or dark.

but also he has very low sainty

if he eats something not nighmare fuel theres a 1 in 10 chans it will fall out of his body

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