Name: Winter

Nickname: The snow girl

Quote: Is cold, no?

Sanity: 200

Health: 150

Hunger: 150

Appearence: A rosy-cheeked girl (aged about 17-19) wearing a blue anorak trimmed with white fur and a light-blue shirtdress beneath. She has platinum blonde, braided hair, her eyes are blue, and she has red lips. She usually has a happy expression on her face. She's best described as the opposite of Willow. However, when a full moon comes into the sky, she... changes. She is voiced by a lyre.


Perks & Weaknesses

Warm anorak - Even without insulating clothing, Winter has an insulation factor of 90%.

Winter strength - Hits harder as temperature lowers.

Lycaon's curse - On a full moon, she turns into a white-furred werewolf, much like Woodie's werebeaver form. However, unlike the werebeaver, Winter changes back to a human at daybreak.


Sofia Gorbachyov, otherwise known as Winter, unlike the other characters I created, have had a relatively happy life, with nothing bad happening to her. Well, apart from that business with a wolf. She is a distant relative and a good friend of Wolfgang, and came across her current misfortune whilst searching for him.


Under construction

Tools ◾Axe - "Is good for chopping trees." ◾Luxury Axe - "I like this very much." ◾Shovel - "Ugh, I hate digging." ◾Regal Shovel - "Digging is not so bad with this." ◾Pickaxe - "Mining is boring." ◾Opulent Pickaxe - "I could never afford this back in Russia." ◾Razor - "I do not need! I am girl!" ◾Razor (can't shave) - "Is not for shaving." ◾Razor (nothing left) - "All gone." ◾Razor (waken beefalo) - "Not good idea, methinks." ◾Hammer - "Not big fan of communism, myself." ◾Pitchfork - "Is very sharp."

Lights ◾Campfire and Fire Pit (upon being built) - "Darkness is gone now." ◾Campfire and Fire Pit (high) - "Ah! Too many fire!" ◾Campfire and Fire Pit (normal) - "This one's just right." ◾Campfire and Fire Pit (low) - "Is kind of low." ◾Campfire and Fire Pit (embers) - "I feel breathing on my neck..." ◾Campfire (burned out) - "Oh no! This is BAD!!!" ◾Fire Pit (burned out) - "I can restart it again." ◾Torch - "I can collect objects during night!" ◾Torch (run out) - "No! This cannot be!" ◾Miner Hat - "Is hands-free!" ◾Lantern - "Brighter than torch." ◾Pumpkin Lantern - "He has a silly face."

Survival ◾Backpack - "Now I carry more things!" ◾Piggyback - "Ugh! Is... so... heavy!" ◾Bird Trap - "Sorry, birdie!" ◾Bug Net - "Bugs aren't common in Russia." ◾Fishing Rod - "I never ate fish back home." ◾Straw Roll - "Sleep is good for not crazy." ◾Fur Roll - "Fur is good for comfy." ◾Tent - "Tent is good for durability." ◾Trap - "I don't like it, but better than dead."