The Lost SurvivorEdit

"I Wonder? I think thats who i am..."Edit

Wonder was the True first survivor in the don't starve world as he was one of the first to be a victim of the Dark magic of the Great Magician Maxwell and his Peers in a Once World Wide Beloved Group "The Marvoulous Masters" and was rumored to have relations with them and even worked for them as a Stage designer and was an entertainer for the children by making puppet shows while their parents were watching the masters. Soon enough he was offered the chance to become a Master of Puppetry, He took the role under the name Miller and soon became popular to the masses, Never meaning to steal the spotlight with his Humor, His many voices of many characters of the media and all of his Beloved stories he once told to his little siblings and soon branched out by using magic to Tell comedies, Tragedies and even wrote stories of history.

Information Edit

Stats Edit

Health: 150

Hunger: 250

Sanity: 175

Stamina: 150

Perks Edit

- When in the Dark, He Will Run out as fast as possible and avoid all of charlies attacks, But loses more Sanity and will lose hunger doing so.

- Resistant when Full, Frail when Empty

- Very Gluttonous

Relationships Edit

Wilson & Winona - He sees him and these two as a team, Considering that they have been here alot longer than the other Survivors

Wilson (Himself) - It's a Friendly relationship, Usually helps with hunting for materials for whatever experiments wilson is attempting

Winona (Herself) - These two are somewhat close, they both knew Charlie personally and they both share a fascination in New forms of Transportation.

Charlie - He use to be a peer to Charlie, but now he hates her for turning her back on him. As Fears her in the night

Maxwell - Its a Hate/Hate Relationship, For Stealing the spotlight and transported into the don't starve world.

Minor Relationships Edit

Webber & Woodie: Helps Make Puppets for shows

All Survivors: Puts on puppet shows for them, Just to entertain when board.

Facts and Origin Edit

- Wonder is based of Wilson in concept art

- The balloon he is found in is the same from the Hot Air Concept Art.

- Wonder's Real name is Wilson as well

- Wonder only Fears three things, The Dark, The Giants and some Pigment

- Wonder's Master name was Miller and was the original Puppet Master, Which was then adopted by Maxwell as both the puppet master and Magic Master. But considering the popularity of puppet shows in the theater, the name stuck with the audience.